How To Choose Weight Loss Diet

Does la weight loss really work? Should I inquire about dottie’s weight loss zone, drink water with lemon for weight loss and count weight watcher points for healthy life? All of these questions and many more, like new direction diet program, are good and valid. It is a good idea to start with. Asking questions about different diets and finding answers to them is extremely important. It will protect us from extremes and bring some stability to our eating habits. Finding a diet program  that we have learned about and feel comfortable with will then enable us to stick with it. Otherwise we’ll be following the latest fad like seemingly everybody.

One week everyone’s eating protein-only. The next week you hear there’s a one-week cabbage soup diet. The following week there’s a liquid-only diet and after that everyone’s hooked on the three-day diet. With so many weight loss fads it can be difficult to know what will work or what is healthy.

Many doctors say that most of these diets will in fact work because they require you to ingest fewer calories. However, a healthy diet does not come from eating only protein snacks or frozen foods from Weight Watchers, but rather from a balanced, nutrient-filled routine.

the tree-day dietfrozen foods from Weight Watchers

What does a healthy diet consist of?
Losing weight begins with a good breakfast. This is a message Americans are told from childhood through educational campaigns, commercials and from their parents. Yet somewhere between childhood and adulthood, many people lose this most basic lesson amid the hustle and bustle of a busy day. One study of 4,218 adults found that women who ate breakfast were much more likely to have a body mass index less than 25, which puts them in the healthy weight category.

Additionally, it was discovered that women who had at least one serving of whole grains each day weighed less and had slimmer waistlines than those who ate none. Cereal is one of the best ways to start the day, particularly ones that offer 5 grams of fiber per serving. Nature’s Path, Kashi and Barbara’s Bakery are all nutrient-packed cereals to look for.

Add skim milk and fruit, then enjoy the health benefits of protein, complex carbohydrates, calcium, antioxidants and fiber. Eggs are a surprisingly beneficial breakfast too. The protein leaves people feeling fuller longer and keeps blood sugar at an even keel all day long.

To eat healthy and achieve weight loss goals, choosing the right dinner is crucial. Something like grilled fresh fish with dill and lemon marinade, steamed green beans, mixed green salad and a piece of whole grain bread with dipping oil is ideal. A glass of wine and a square of dark chocolate can even be added, which still has more health value than frozen foods. By eating a "poly-meal," or a collection of foods, researchers say heart disease risk can be lowered as much as 76%.

Some people need a jumpstart to help them reach a healthy weight. High protein diet weight loss is basically like the Atkins No-Carb Diet. In a normal diet, protein accounts for 10%-15% of one’s daily caloric intake; however, a high protein diet derives 30-50% of one’s daily calories from protein. This kind of diet is said to change a person’s metabolism, as well as leave the dieter feeling full longer and less prone to snacking.

While ingesting lots of steaks, chicken, pork tenderloin, fish, eggs, soy, beans, low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt and energy bars will drop the pounds, dieters could be missing out on a lot of the essential disease-fighting fruits and vegetables. Often, when the diet is over, people gain the weight right back too, so the balanced approach is much wiser.

By: Michael Selvon

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