Weight Loss Without Exercise

A healthy way towards weight loss is one of the most important things if you are planning to stay fit and have a toned body. Read on to find some useful tips for weight loss with no strenuous exercise.

Weight Loss with No Exercise

Often people keep mumbling and moaning about the increase in the number of pounds that reflects on the weighing scale. Weight loss is something that has given many sleepless nights, lying in the hope of a miracle. Endless trips to the gym are pursued in the hope of a svelte body. Yet losing weight seems to be a tremendous task.

Experts have always insisted upon having an exercise program for a healthy weight loss. There are many who have opted for a home exercise routine. However, there was no miracle that helped them towards a faster weight loss. Does this seem to be your story as well? Natural weight loss should always be the prime concern for all. If you wish for a healthy body and mind, exercise and a balanced diet are a must. However, there are many professionals who cannot really opt for the gym nor plan any home exercise routine. In that case, one wonders what can be done in situations like these? Well, weight loss without a certain amount of exercise is possible. This would help you to break free from your couch potato status and be an active personality. Sounds difficult? No, it really isn’t! Take a look at this program for weight loss with no exercise. It will also be of great benefit to teenagers. Weight loss for teens doesn’t come easy in this day and age with all the sedentary entertainment available. Without much effort at least some of the points below can  actually be fun for teens as well.

Weight loss with no strenuous exercise

There is no fixed formula to lose weight quickly. The best ways to lose weight can be incorporated  in your daily life. Of course! An exercise routine is very much needed but then, there are ways you can cheat to lose weight. These tips will help you to get through the weight loss routine.

Avoid skipping meals

One of the first and foremost things people do is avoid meals to lose weight fast. This however, does more harm to the body. Plan for a balanced meal that includes healthy foods. Starvation will only make you feel weak. A diet that contains all the major components will help you to maintain a normal body weight.

Monitor the portions you eat

One of the tricks that will help you in weight loss is being in control of the quantity of food eaten. Eat in smaller portions. Have 3-4 small meals in a day. This will help you to avoid excessive binging on food during those in-between hours. When you go out to a restaurant, it is not always necessary for you to finish everything served before you. Eat only as much as required.

Maintain a food diary

A daily food diary will help you to keep track of the kind of food you eat. In this manner, you can even know the amount of calories consumed. You can consult your doctor to know the amount of calories needed for the body. Use charts to know your current intake and where you can cut down on the calories.

Pamper yourself once a week

Staying away from fast food or eat-outs can be really difficult. But you need not punish yourself as you will only feel miserable. Indulge in sinful food once a week. This will help you to stick to your routine and look forward to an occasional binging spree. Some hard work and a reward… that’s the key towards a healthy weight loss.

Tips for weight loss on an everyday basis
We all know about all the excuses given to avoid the gym or exercise routine. But do you know you can make use of many moments in your everyday life? Use these tips for weight loss with no exercise, yet these do incorporate some ways of burning calories.

Vacuum the house

Make vacuuming an everyday task. This will keep your body active with all the stretching and the cleaning and better still; your house will also remain clean!

Take a small stroll

How does your daily meal time hour look like? You probably eat food and then lounge around for sometime. Instead, go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood either before or after your mealtime. Walking for weight loss is effortless and is not considered a real exercise as it relaxes us mentally.

Dance to some music

Are you the one who completely loves music? Well, put on some great dance numbers and dance the evening away with a friend. A sure great way to lose some calories!

Park away from your destination

If you cannot avoid using the car, here is a simple thing you can incorporate in your routine. Park a little away from the destination and walk. A casual stroll will not only cheer you up, it will also keep the body active.

Enjoy playing a sport

There’s nothing like a game of tennis or an energetic swimming session. Forget those hours of surfing the net, rather, go out with a friend and enjoy a game to have positive energy flowing through the body. You will enjoy the activity and it will not even seem as exercise.

Moderate activity level and weight loss do go hand-in-hand, however, you can utilize these tips to ensure you remain fit despite a busy schedule. With time, weight control will soon be within your reach and you will no longer dread stepping on the weighing scale.

Moderate exercise that is fun is not the dreaded strenuous and time consuming activity. Enjoy your new found no exercise weight loss.

By Kashmira Lad
Published: 12/25/2008

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Home Weight Loss Exercises

Exercises for weight loss you can do at home may be the best and time saving activity you can do apart from walking. Here’s a short overview of the best exercises which can help you lose weight, gain energy and improve your overall fitness without having to drive anywhere to do them.

Effective home exercises for weight loss

To lose weight effectively and in a healthy way you need to be doing exercise either in the gym, outside or at home. The best exercise for weight loss program must ensure that you are fulfilling the four areas of exercise and using the key techniques within each area to be successful. This can then be combined with the nutrition ideal for your individual body chemistry and you will lose weight.

Aerobic training or cardiovascular exercise can be done outside.

walking for weight loss, exercise for weight loss quick weight loss tip: walk dailypower walking, aerobic program

The simple way to do this is to start walking. Walking for weight loss will increase your energy levels, fitness, metabolic rate and excellerate fat loss.

If you are very new to exercising please do not put undue pressure on yourself. Instead, start by just going for a 5 – 10 minute walk and gradually increase the length of it. Incorporate walking into your lifestyle e.g. walk to the shops instead of driving, walk at lunchtime instead of working through it etc. If you do this you will soon notice improvements after just a short while of making walking part of your life.

If you are already active then you should consider power walking, which is walking at a fast pace so you are out of breath or jogging (assuming your muscles can protect the joints). Other ways of doing aerobic exercise would be to start swimming, cycling etc.

Quick exercise weight loss tips:

The key to losing weight with whatever exercise you do is examining whether you are getting out of breath (only slightly rather than panting for dear life). Once you can perform this for a duration ask yourself if you can step up the intensity. The emphasis should be on short sharp bouts of aerobic exercise to lose weight effectively.

Weight training or resistance training:

Weight training is most easily performed within a gym but this is not a necessity. Resistance training is performing a movement that brings fatigue to the muscles before you have performed 15 repetitions. Therefore any exercise that can be manipulated to do this is resistance exercise.

For those new to resistance training the best way to start is by performing the two key resistance training exercises below. If done correctly they will greatly contribute to creating the hormonal environment inside the body that is conductive to weight loss:


The ability to squat down to the floor is a fundamental and essential trait in life. To do a squat simply:

Stand by a chair.
Crouch down so that your buttocks touch the chair and then return to the standing position. This exercise is just like sitting down except you are not letting your body weight rest on the chair before standing up.
Increase difficulty by using a lower chair until you can bend the knees to a 90 degrees angle.
Add in extra weight as necessary to ensure you are at the point of fatigue before 15 reps.


The ability to step forward with balance and control is essential in everyday movement. To perform a lunge:

Take a slightly larger than normal step forward.
Keeping your front knee over your foot drop down so the back knee is one inch from the floor. (do not let the front knee go past the toes as can cause pain)
Push off your front leg to return to the start
Repeat with your other leg
Add in extra weight as necessary to ensure you are at the point of fatigue before 15 reps.
Perform these exercises a few times per week and work up to 15 repetitions of each exercise then add in extra weight in any form possible.

This process can then be extended to other exercises to target the whole body.

Core training

The core is trained when performing certain resistance exercises e.g. squat, lunge but needs to be isolated out also. The simplest thing you can do is to practice contracting the key core muscles that support the lower back; these are the deep stomach and pelvic floor muscles. Contracting these together is called ‘engaging the core’
Using this principle you can then perform any number of holds to challenge the muscles around the mid section. Using a swiss ball is a great way to do this as it adds variety and fun into the program.

Flexibility training

To retain and develop flexibility you should be doing an active stretching routine every morning and a static stretching routine to restore ideal posture by stretching the tight muscles.

Keys to home training

The key to home training is intensity and variation. The main problem that training outside the gym presents is how to progress the resistance exercise so fatigue is induced before 15 reps. When done correctly everyone is capable of lifting quite heavy weights which will bring the benefits of weight loss and improved health. The key is keeping the weight used at a high enough intensity to challenge you.

Aerobic training must also be increased in intensity to keep you challenged and not over performed as it will break the body down and inhibit weight loss.

When done correctly home training can be very powerful but if done incorrectly no more effectively than doing it wrong in the gym.

The program must also be varied and structured within the confines of Periodization or the body will not make progress and become stale. At this point you will mentally become bored also.

Exercise is part of the weight loss equation

To lose weight without the other aspects of nutrition and lifestyle may prove to be impossible. It is essential you use metabolic typing to combine the specific foods your body needs to perform the right exercise to lose weight.

Ben WIlson BSc (Hons) CSCS NSCA-CPT CMTA Dip
One2one nutrition

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