Healthy Weight Loss Benefits Of Green Tea

Healthy diet weight loss can be significantly aided by the use of   green tea extract .   Research confirms that the active ingredients of green tea promote increase in metabolic rate and burning of fat. There are many  varieties of green tea available  and all of them are greatly beneficial.

A study that appeared in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that 4% increase in overall energy expenditure in 24 hours was attributed to green tea extract. The findings further specified that the extra expenditure took place during the day and concluded that the 4% increase due to green tea extract actually translated into thirty five to 43% increase in daytime thermogenesis. (Thermogenesis is the body’s rate of burning calories.)

None of the subjects that participated in the research study reported any side effects. No meaningful changes in heart rates were noticed.

This is very significant and hugely important to note. From health perspective, green tea extract is different from some prescription drugs for obesity, and even herbal products like ephedra, which can raise heart rates and blood pressure.

At Healthy Diet Weight we do our utmost to feature only the things and ways that are healthy. We believe first and foremost in healthy and balanced diet menu, drinking clean pure water and avoiding our modern age chemical laden and highly processed foods.

Many of the diseases of today are modern diseases in a sense, since they were not nearly as prevalent in not so distant history. The foods and drinks that have a long track record of being used historically without any ill effects are those we have more confidence in.

Green tea has a long and fascinating history of four thousand years.

It originated in China and is associated with many cultures in Asia, especially Japan. The healthy value of this particular kind of tea, which undergoes minimal oxidation during processing, can thus be further validated.

The Japanese enjoy longevity that is ranking at or close to the top of the world. They drink what they call “ocha” or “nihoncha” daily.

Green tea has also been used as traditional medicine in China, Japan, India and Thailand to control bleeding, heal wounds, regulate body temperature, blood sugar and to promote digestion.

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In the West many studies have been conducted to see if there are really any benefits.

In 2006 a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association the conclusion was:
“Green tea consumption is associated with reduced mortality due to all causes and due to cardiovascular disease but not with reduced mortality due to cancer.”

Yale University School of Medicine researchers issued a review article looking at over 100 studies on the health benefits of green tea. In what they called an “Asian paradox” they refer to lower rates of heart disease and cancer in Asia despite higher percentage of cigarette smokers. Their theory is that the consumption of 1.2 liters of green tea per day by many Asians provides plenty of polyphenols and other antioxidants.

We are concerned with healthy diet weight loss, with good effects of whatever we eat or ingest.
There have been numerous studies conducted all over the world on green tea, too numerous to cover in this article.

Perhaps one more deserves a mention here. It points out a side benefit in addition to losing weight which many people may appreciate.

The August 22, 2006 edition of Biological Psychology published a study looking at the modification of stress response using a chemical L-Theanine found in green tea.

It “suggests that the oral intake of L-Theanine could cause anti-stress effects via the inhibition of cortical neuron excitation.

In conclusion, please always check with your doctor before taking any supplements or altering your diet.
There is always a chance that there could be some adverse interaction with the drugs you are taking.

After having done that you’ll be safe.

Even if you just drink green tea each day, you will benefit. While the speed of the desired weight loss won’t be as fast as when using a green tea extract, studies have indicated that just one cup of green tea per day can result in a loss of 5 pounds in one year.

And then there are all the other benefits of the antioxidant content of    green tea   .

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