Weight Loss Exercise Program

Exercise program for weight loss is based on the idea of  creating an environment within your body which will enable you to lose weight.

To prepare your body in the best way, you need to combine all four areas of exercise into a routine.

Aerobic or cardiovascular training:

aerobic training - indoors aerobic, cardiovascular training - outside cycling aerobic exercise, training - swimming

Aerobic or cardiovascular training includes running, walking, rowing, cycling and similar exercises which cause an increase in heart and lung activity.

The result is improvements in the whole cardiovascular system which expresses itself as increase in fitness, energy levels and the overall health of the body.

 The key is getting the intensity right so you are finding the right amount of aerobic training for what your body needs.

 You should aim at the right amount which shouldn’t be more than twenty minutes for most average exercisers and endeavor to do this at a high intensity. This maximum time limit will prove far more effective mentally and physically when it comes to losing weight

Resistance training:

The time you have saved by doing a maximum of twenty minutes cardio can be used for resistance training.

Lifting weights produces hormonal changes within the body that makes losing weight easy, manageable and a natural part of getting fitter. The resistance training builds your muscle tissue and counters the stresses of daily life.

The key to resistance training is ensuring you are using a weight that takes you to the point of fatigue. 

The exercises should really be performed with free weights as this trains many more muscles at the same time which then produces a greater hormonal shift which is the key to losing weight.

Flexibility training:

Stretching plays an important role in creating good health by removing toxins from the body and restoring ideal posture.

When your posture is perfect, blood and nerve flow is at its most efficient which will help the health of the organs and thus improve your overall health and thus allow you to lose weight more easily.

The key to stretching is to discover which muscles are tight and loosen these rather than stretching any old muscle. Stretching is comprised of the traditional type stretching e.g. touching toes and active stretching.

Core training:

This is the strengthening of the muscles that support the spine.

A type of resistance training it is classified in its own category due to its importance to your overall health.

A strong core is the basis of strength within the body. It allows you to use heavier weights which ultimately improves your ability to burn fat.


The training also allows you to adopt a perfect posture naturally and thus prevents injury and improves the health of the body through increased nerve and blood flow.

Structure of your training:

The training program within the four areas must be adjusted progressively to ensure you are receiving the right stimulus for the body to change.

Turning up to just do the exercise does not work. Instead you must challenge the body so that it is increasing in fitness after each session. This produces the effect that you want ultimately – fat loss. To ensure the body’s fitness increases after each session you must use the principles of periodization.

Finally different people need different amounts of each exercise type depending on their particular body type. So some need to do a lot more weights than cardio exercise. While some not as much weights but a little more cardio. Please note that even if you need more cardio you still don’t need 40 minutes of it and you still need to do weights.

Exercise plays a significant but not the only part of the weight loss equation.

Weight loss and healthy diet are intimately connected. Healthy diet  will lead to a healthy eating lifestyle which will support your exercise program for weight loss.

By wilson Ben

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