Why Eat Healthy Foods for Weight Loss? 

Because eating healthy, wholesome meals and snacks is extremely important for achieving the weight you desire and that you want to keep.

There is no known long term replacement for a healthy diet. A very reputable diet plan is the Official HCG Diet Plan. It is not only reputable but also guaranteed. In case you aren’t satisfied you get a full refund. With only one time payment for your order you get FREE SHIPPING the same day and all products are made in the United States and manufactured in an FDA approved and registered facility. The products come packaged with complete recipes and diet guides.


If you have been eating a lot of fast and junk foods, you may want to consider a body cleanse.

Natural body cleanse is always helpful to start with. Your digestive system will be able to absorb all the nutrients so much better when it is clean.

Belly Fat Is Considered Very Dangerous Even If The Rest of Your Body Is Slim.

If you are one of the people who is considered fortunate because of not being generally fat but do have a fat belly, there is a danger that your health may suffer because of the fat in the quite limited area. There is a daily 2 minute ritual for shocking daily belly fat loss.

When You Need to Lose Fat In Other Places

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Healthy diet is good for weight loss but it is also a good lifestyle choice for everyone. You can help your body lose excess pounds and burn fat faster with Green Tea. There are many different  kinds of green tea  but don’t worry, all forms of it work and are beneficial.

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Athletes and aspiring sportsmen and sportswomen who  want to build muscles  and  enhance performance can benefit tremendously from healthy eating.

In particular the child and the teenage athlete may
not only enhance their performance but will be sure that their development and growth is fully supported by good nutrition.

Nutrition for young athletes both children and teens is of infinite importance. They are still growing and need good nutrition to develop properly.

And of course a healthy diet won’t burden the body with toxic
chemical substances. Those are essential to avoid for people of any age and occupation.

If you have problems with digestion it may be that you need some extra   Probiotics help  to improve digestion.

The Importance of Eating Chemical Free Food and Drinking Pure Water

The 2 Week Diet

The purity of the food we eat as well as the water and other liquids that we drink cannot be too strongly emphasized. Healthy diet and weight loss are intimately connected. For those of us that have been ingesting fast foods and supermarket ready made meals it is a good idea to take a  healthy body cleanse  to get ourselves a good clean start when we decide to eat healthy.

It is a well-known fact that toxins are stored in the body in the fatty tissues away from the vital organs, at least initially. We may explore this subject further in future.  Eating  clean, chemical free food and drinking  pure water  and healthy beverages like freshly made juice from clean, chemical free vegetables and fruits is a good rule to follow.

If you like to try a natural supplement to help you lose weight one of the all natural weight loss supplements is Garcinia Cambogia. It is popular in the treatment of obesity and its related complications. It is derived from the fruits of a small, green pumpkin like plant that is native to Southeast Asia forests. Currently however, the plant is grown in many other parts of the world.

Garcinia Cambogia

What constitutes a healthy diet is a very controversial subject. It seems that there are as many opinions on this as there are people who care about it. We will explore some of the basic
principles first where most schools of thought on the subject tend to agree. Later we can delve into the more specialized diets.

The question of calories has been emphasized and de-emphasized depending on the proponents of either belief. It sounds very pleasing to those who enjoy eating a lot to hear that they can eat as much as they want. Slavishly counting calories is of course the other extreme that is not only impractical but also unnecessary. While the quality of calories does matter greatly – we all heard of so called empty calories – unlimited calorie intake, no matter how loaded with nutrients is not harmless.

Eating healthy goes a long way to help alleviate the constant craving for more food. The human body is very intelligent and it will constantly try to get the nutrients it needs. If the food choices we make do not contain those nutrients we will be made to feel like eating more even if our stomach has been filled.

Once you start giving the body the healthy and nutrient rich food it needs, chances are very good that the amount of food you crave will go down. This will obviously contribute to your losing weight if you are overweight and it may even help you gain weight should your body cope with unhealthy food choices by being too thin. But it’s difficult to know what to eat in order to get the right weight for you all of a sudden.

Healthy eating lifestyle is good for achieving a good balance either for weight loss or in some cases for weight gain.

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Keeping track of what we eat is very important. It is easy to become oblivious as to what we ingest during the day, let alone every week and every month. To ensure that we eat a good variety of foods that are healthy regularly, it is very helpful to keep a daily food diary.

A caution is in order here. Healthy diet will contribute to our good health and to weight loss. It will increase our energy and athletic performance.

However, the body is a very complex machine and science has still a long way to go, to figure out how everything works exactly.

From time to time we will comment or write articles on natural healthy supplements such as  green tea extract  and  resveratrol.  There are benefits to be derived from extra nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Supplements may be helpful even while healthy diet is adhered to. However, supplements should not be relied on to replace healthy foods in their full variety arranged in carefully balanced diet menu.

For people who have a hard time losing weight in spite of eating healthy foods and getting enough exercise, some targeted supplementation may be necessary.


Before taking any supplements but especially specialized supplements like  carb blockers  or those for  thyroid health,  medical examination and a consultation with a physician is highly recommended.

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More on Healthy Diet Weight Loss

Here are three points which most of us have heard before but need to be reminded of from time to time:

1. Do eat in the morning. Breakfast shouldn’t consist just of coffee.

2. Have a good lunch. Having a muffin with coffee just to put something in the stomach will cause you to binge later in the day or even night once you get home and have plenty of food within your reach. In cases of emergency where you just can’t take enough time to eat a proper nutritious lunch or dinner try not to resort to junk foods but use a good healthy energy drink.

I don’t mean any of the sugary drinks or so called sports drinks with very low nutritional value that will give you a short-lived blood sugar boost with a let down and energy crash soon after.

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There are some good quality powders that can be made into quick nutrition laden drinks that are much superior to snack bars, protein bars and fast foods.

But please, use those only as supplements and for emergency purposes.  Our body still needs the fibre, enzymes and living  cells that only fresh and healthy food can provide.

3. Try not to eat after having a dinner. If you have a dinner at around 6 or 7 p.m that is great. If you have it an hour later that is OK. Having followed the first two points you should have little problem with this one.

Healthy weight loss will be much easier when you eat a good breakfast, good lunch and avoid snacking after dinner.

We at HealthyDietWeightLoss.org have found this to be a sound rule to follow.


Without going crazy and obsessively measuring portions of starchy foods and carbs it may be a valid point to consider the following experience of the author of this article:

I avoid eating white rice on a regular basis purely because it has considerably smaller nutritional value compared to so called brown rice, wild rice, basmati rice and red rice. White rice also has much higher GI (glycemic index), which means that it raises insulin levels more and that leads to more storage of fat in the body.

However, eating large portions of even brown rice may lead to weight gain.  If you have the tendency to gain weight, it is important to use moderation even if the food you eat is wonderfully healthy.

I am not overweight but have noticed that I can gain a pound within three days if I allow myself to eat too much of good unbleached rice.

I will be adding to this periodically to alert you to other healthy foods that can make you gain weight.  But please don’t get discouraged and start eating unhealthy and junk foods. As mentioned on this page further above, no food can be eaten without moderation.

The Advantages of Healthy Foods or Healthy Diet

are too numerous to list here.

But just two of them should be enough:

1) More nutrition in the same volume of food

2) Less calories.

That means that you can eat a little more of healthy food compared to junk food before you start gaining weight.

Clearly, eating healthy food will give you a much better chance of staying healthy and a better chance to lose weight.

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